Hi, welcome to Cicis! The Unlimited Pizza Buffet.

Unlimited Pizza with your safety in mind


We invite friends and family to once again enjoy Unlimited Pizza at our restaurants where dining rooms are now open. When you visit Cicis Pizza our service styles will vary by restaurant based on state or local municipality guidelines.

Service Styles:

  • Buffet served to you by a Team Member
    Enjoy Unlimited Pizza served to you by a Team Member at the Buffet
  • Buffet served to you by placing order with a Team Member
    Place requests directly with a Team Member and it will be brought to your table
  • Buffet Self-Service with single-use procedures
    Visit the Buffet using single-use spatulas and red plates


  • Red plates and disposable cups are now single-use only
  • Wrapped utensils available at all restaurants
  • Disposable drink cups are handed out by Team Members and a new cup is required for each visit to the drink fountain (or single-use cans or bottled beverages available)
  • Plexi-glass positioned at the register and in front of the Buffet at certain restaurant locations
  • Pre-packaged salads are also available at some restaurants


We encourage you to contact your local Cicis Pizza to inquire about the service style they are offering prior to visiting.


We know the expectation now more than ever is for our restaurants to be a clean environment. That’s why we are adding additional protocols to keep our restaurants spotless.


  • Increased frequency of disinfecting procedures using sanitizer that has been approved by the EPA to be effective against COVID-19
  • Additional Team Members dedicated to constant cleaning of dining room area, bathrooms, game rooms and high touchpoint locations
  • Strict cleaning and sanitation pre-opening procedures
  • Hand sanitizer available for Guests and Team Members at register station and all hand washing sinks
Safety graphic

Whether it’s the extra steps we are taking to keep our restaurants clean or following social distancing and limited occupancy guidelines, rest assured your safety is our top priority. 


  • Personal Protection Equipment mandatory for all Team Members*. Guests must also wear a face mask where mandated by state and local guidelines and are encouraged to do the same where mandates are not issued.
  • Plexiglass guards mandated and installed at registers and at the buffet for added protection in all stores where required*
  • Limited seating available as we strictly follow occupancy guidelines for each city and state.
  • Social distancing markers throughout both the interior and exterior space
  • Increased frequency of Team Member hand-washing
  • Team Member health screenings prior to shifts starting in accordance with local and state guidelines
  • Guest health screenings required when mandated by local or state guidelines
*excluding stores in local cities and states where single-use self-serve buffets are available.

For questions or concerns about our safety protocols, please contact us at cicis.com/contact-us.

A Letter from the CEO

Monday May 18, 2020


To Our Guests,

As more areas of the country gradually reopen for business and COVID-19 cases begin to stabilize, at Cicis Pizza we are prioritizing safety, sanitation and service for our guests, our employees and the communities we serve.

How we serve you today will look different than it did in the past, but what has not changed is our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our guests, team members and the communities we serve.

In our efforts to protect our restaurants against COVID-19, we remain in constant communication with local health officials, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to provide our teams with the most current and effective tools and processes for restaurant sanitation. We are proud to have put in place restaurant policies and procedures that meet or exceed these recommended guidelines.

As many Cicis Pizza locations reopen dining rooms, our teams are eager to welcome back our guests. In preparation, we have introduced several enhanced safety, sanitation and service initiatives to take place both prior to reopening and after. These include a shift away from self-serve buffet, heightened personal hygiene requirements for team members, increased sanitation of the restaurant space and strict social distancing practices that will shape how our guests receive our delicious menu items from the buffet, among other enhanced health and safety measures. Service models and guidelines may vary between restaurants, but all closely follow state and local regulations with the health and safety of guests and team members top of mind.

As we welcome guests back to our locations, I want to personally thank all our franchisees, operators, corporate team members and restaurant team members, whose commitment to protecting our guests, one another and the communities we serve continues to be remarkable.

I also give our sincerest thanks to all of our loyal guests who have stuck with us, especially those who continued to enjoy their Cicis favorites via carryout and delivery options during this challenging period. We would not be where we are today without your support.

At Cicis Pizza, we have spent the past 35 years earning your loyalty and trust with our commitment to bringing you unlimited pizza and more for a great price. We will keep working tirelessly to get through this challenging period together and hope to serve you again soon. We’ll be ready when you are.


Bill Mitchell

CEO, Cicis Pizza


Q: How is Cicis Pizza responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?

A:  At Cicis Pizza, we have enhanced our restaurant safety and sanitation protocols to meet and in certain cases exceed recommended local, state and federal guidelines for health and sanitation related to COVID-19.

These safety, sanitation and service protocols include implementing social distancing measures in our restaurants; use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) with our team members based on state and local guidelines; increased sanitation of high-touch, high-traffic areas; and changes to how we serve unlimited pizza. You can see more details on our safety, sanitation and service protocols in the section above. We are constantly evaluating new measures to keep our guests and team members safe and enhance our dining experience. As guidelines change in this evolving situation or we adapt our response based on new information, we will be sure to keep you updated.


Q:  Is Cicis Pizza open?

A: Many of our Cicis Pizza locations have remained open for third-party delivery and takeout in markets we serve across the country during the pandemic. As states and local cities begin to gradually allow businesses to reopen, many of our restaurants have and will be reopening and welcoming guests back into our dining rooms. Find your nearest Cicis Pizza on our website to confirm service and hours: http://www.cicis.com/locations/.


Q: Will there be changes to how Cicis serves Unlimited Pizza?? 

A:  During your next visit to Cicis Pizza, you will notice a change in the service styles that have been implemented with the health and safety of our guests and team members in mind. To abide by social distancing requirements, our restaurants have set up 6-foot social distancing protocols, particularly in high-traffic areas. We will also limit seating availability and the number of guests allowed in each restaurant based on state and local guidelines for occupancy. Depending on your location, there will be changes to how Cicis Pizza serves unlimited pizza; this may include having a team member serve you or placing your personal pizza order with a team member who will bring it directly to your table. Some restaurants where it is permitted by state or local guidelines will have a self-service buffet where single-use spatulas, utensils and plates will be required. Single-use utensils, plates and beverage cups will also be available at all our restaurants. In some locations, we have also installed Plexi-glass positioned in front of food areas as well as at the register.


Q: Should I be concerned about the safety of my Cicis Pizza? 

A: According to FDA, there is currently no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States can transmit COVID-19.


Q: What is Cicis Pizza doing to keep their team members safe?

A: We are following rigorous personal hygiene requirements and handwashing practices for all staff, have applied strict social distancing guidelines in our restaurants and are using appropriate PPE for our team members. Guests are also encouraged to follow state and local guidelines regarding the use of facemasks and other PPE inside the restaurant, and to take advantage of hand washing areas and available hand sanitizer during their visit to further safeguard their safety and that of our team.

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