Dig into DEEPER flavor

Get ready for more flavor at Cicis! We’re dishing out 3 New Deep Dish Pizzas on the Unlimited Buffet. We’ve got a New Original Deep Dish Pizza, topped with delicious Meat Eater toppings surrounded by a crispy double-sided crust, plus two more New Deep Dish Pizzas with something big happening DEEP inside their dough.

If you like a little kick with plenty of mozzarella and cheddar cheese goodness, the New Jalapeno Cheddar Deep Dish Pizza is the perfect slice for you, with even more bits of jalapeno and cheddar deep inside its dough. Then there’s the New Garlic Parmesan Deep Dish Pizza, packed with so much inner garlic and parmesan, you’ll almost forget about all the delicious sausage and diced tomatoes on top! Just imagine – your favorite Pizza toppings and all the flavors you love, both on top AND INSIDE THE PIZZA! It’s what we’ve done to the New Jalapeno Cheddar and New Garlic Parmesan. More flavor, now baked inside. It’s kind of a big deal once you sink your teeth into it.

All 3 New Deep Dish Pizzas. All on the Unlimited Buffet. All for just $5 and change.*

*At participating restaurants only. Prices may vary by location. Beverages not included. Certain varieties available for a limited time only.