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Chicken Welfare

Chicken Welfare

Cicis Better Chicken Commitment

Cicis has long been a community ally, serving as a hub for friends, families, groups and organizations. The loyalty our fans consistently show has come from the experience we foster, as guests enjoy pizza, salads, wings and desserts together at a fantastic value.

Plus, as part of their visits, pick-up and delivery, we are dedicated to providing quality ingredients in our menu items, which includes our commitment to the standards set in The Humane League’s Better Chicken Commitment.

To this point, Cicis works with two chicken suppliers, both of which currently prioritize animal welfare guidelines. We are proud to work with Perdue Chicken, the provider of our chicken wings and boneless chicken menu items, which has an extensive pledge to the Better Chicken Commitment, as well as Tip Top Poultry, who also routinely audits its standards to ensure its supply chain abides by best practices.

We are pleased to partner with vendors that prioritize proper animal welfare standards and we are devoted to remaining a steward of responsible sourcing. Our goal is to continue partnering with our suppliers to meet The Humane League’s long-term Better Chicken Commitment standards set for 2024, for 100% of the chicken we source.


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